Elephant, graphite pencil by David Filer


David Filer

David Filer
Grahite Pencil
Artwork Size (cm)
180 x 300 (unframed)

£120,000 (Excludes delivery / postage & packing)

“Moyo is an adolescent elephant calf, an ambassador for an elephant orphanage in Zimbabwe. She was sadly found when she was a few months old, tied to a tree by a piece of wire near her mother’s body who was shot for her ivory. The rangers phoned an animal sanctuary just outside Harare and rescued her. She was the first elephant to arrive at the sanctuary and has grown to be the most incredible and empathic matriarch for all the orphaned elephants that have since been brought in. She takes them all under her wing and teaches them how to grow as an elephant in a new herd. Moyo is honestly such a special piece to me and has become such an energy and personality in my life this year. I really hope this comes across in the piece – the trick is to try and draw her soul rather than just her form!” David Filer

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50% from the sale of this artwork will support DSWF’s work protecting endangered species across Africa and Asia.