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Wildlife Art Ambassadors

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s (DSWF) roots are in wildlife art and we are fortunate enough to have these four mega-talented wildlife artists as our Wildlife Art Ambassadors.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Matt Armstrong Ford

Purchase artworks by our incredible Wildlife Art Ambassadors in our online shop.

Our Wildlife Art Ambassadors have embraced DSWF’s mission and help us raise awareness and funds for critically endangered wildlife through their emotive and inspiring artworks.

These artists regularly participate in projects with us, hold exhibitions that help to support us, and continually share our message about protecting our core species.

Wildlife Artists within the Shepherd family

Taking after her father, David, Mandy Shepherd is a famous military and wildlife artist.

Emily Lamb, also inherited her grandfather’s artistic streak and is also an enormously successful wildlife artist. Emily also started the Instagram movement, #SketchforWildlife.

All artworks for sale on our website from each of these artists support DSWF’s conservation work to protect endangered wildlife. DSWF also works with Partner Wildlife Artists.

Buy wildlife art for conservation

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
David Shepherd Art

As the founder of DSWF, David dedicated his life to raising awareness and funding for wildlife conservation efforts. Using his incredible artistic skills, David was able to inspire change and make a positive impact on the preservation of endangered species. Find out more.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Why Buy Wildlife Art?

Every artwork in our gallery is carefully curated to highlight the beauty and diversity of endangered wildlife. We collaborate with our Partner Wildlife Artists who share our vision for wildlife conservation and donate a portion of the proceeds from each artwork to support our conservation projects.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Art Competitions

DSWF runs both the world renowned Wildlife Artist of the Year competition and Global Canvas, a children’s art competition. Each year, thousands of artists participate in both, communicating their passion and commitment to conservation through the medium of art. Find out more here.

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