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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Where We Work

DSWF’s conservation portfolio consists of ground-based, frontline conservation providing community support, rapid response wildlife emergency coverage, undercover cross-border investigations, demand-reduction campaigns, and both community and global education and art initiatives.

DSWF works with world-renowned conservation experts to regularly audit and assess our whole portfolio to ensure our conservation aims and objectives are met and regularly assessed.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Countries DSWF works in.

China, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Mongolia , Kyrgyzstan, India, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Namibia and the United Kingdom.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
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However, through campaigning in the political arena and funding undercover investigative work exposing the worldwide illegal wildlife trade, DSWF can have a global impact. 

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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

We support and fund incredible work carried out by wildlife professionals on the ground. We’ve forged long-term relationships with many of our partner organisations, enabling us to have an impact that can be measured in decades.

Many of the countries and areas we work in are far removed from the tourist focused and easily accessed wildlife resorts and sanctuaries. But our work makes a difference where it counts. Like protecting a population of elephants in Zambia, still so haunted by the impacts of poaching that they associate vehicles and humans with being hunted. Our work is rehabilitating them as they adapt to life under ranger protection. Or, in Namibia, where we fund vital research, monitoring, and protection of the world’s only population of desert-adapted black rhino.

We also believe that co-existence is key to successful conservation – and we’ll never forget the vital human element. The projects and programmes DSWF support and funds in Africa and Asia, ensure communities living alongside wildlife benefit from protecting endangered species. From providing secure employment and rewarding wildlife rangers and scouts, to the rollout of education programmes and environmental projects like river clean ups and reforestation, we ensure local people have a clear stake (and role) in protecting wildlife and habitats. Further work – such as predator-proof enclosures and compensating livestock losses, builds trust and communities united in saving species across the world.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

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