We believe in inspiring young people to learn about wildlife and the threats that endanger their survival.

We want to enable them to do something about it and to make a difference to the natural world. All the money you raise for us goes directly to the projects we fund to protect endangered species in Africa and Asia. You can tell us whether you want to support a specific animal, adopt an animal as a class or let us decide for you.

If you are paying in a donation from your fundraising efforts, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Please also email us here to let us know you are doing so, so that we can discuss with you and thank you. We may even be able to share on our social media platforms.

Marcus Westberg
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Charity of the Year

If you and your school are thinking about a Charity of the Year nomination for the next academic year, please consider choosing David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation DSWF.

Time is running out for some of the world’s most endangered animals and sadly your generation will feel the biggest impact from decisions made over the next few decades to protect it. We will make sure we shout about our partnership as much as you do and will engage with and inspire you and your classmates, bringing wildlife, conservation and art together to do so. Now more than ever, we need to unite to protect the world around us. By supporting DSWF, together we can make a difference to the future of wildlife on our planet.

Download our school’s Charity of the Year guide to find out more about our fundraising and education resources or get in touch with our Education Team.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

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All donations will help us continue our vital work conservation work to protect endangered species and turn the tide on extinction.

Please pay any funds you have raised in through this form. Please also email us to let us know you are doing so.

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