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Founded by David Shepherd CBE in 1984, to channel his wildlife conservation efforts. David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) is an effective and emphatic wildlife conservation charity operating across Africa and Asia to end wildlife crime and protect endangered species in their natural habitat.

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Working from grassroots
to the world stage

DSWF’s comprehensive approach to conservation puts people at the heart of our work. We recognise the vital importance of indigenous communities in the fight to protect the world’s most endangered wildlife.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Marcus Westberg
David Shepherd around elephants

DSWF was formed in 1984, by the renowned wildlife artist and conservationist, David Shepherd, CBE, in response to his firsthand witnessing of humankind’s abuse of the natural world. To date, we have invested over £12.5 million in frontline conservation projects that battle the drivers of wildlife crime. Our ambition and reach will only continue to grow.

Marcus Westberg
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Our vital work, made possible by our incredible supporters and partners, enables us to secure safe spaces for wildlife to thrive in. We support law enforcement operations and undercover investigations to fight wildlife crime at its root and source in consumer countries.

Through education programmes and inclusive strategies to alleviate poverty in communities living alongside wildlife, we are turning human-wildlife conflict into human-wildlife co-existence. And the latest insights and research uncovered by our projects enables us to authoritatively engage in national and international policy arenas.

Chimpanzee Conservation Center
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Environmental instability is impacting us all on a global scale. We know that biodiversity loss, ecosystem health, and climate change are intrinsically linked. DSWF is driving positive change through conservation-led solutions that aim to reverse and stabilise negative climate trends.

Through dedication and hard work, we have influenced policy, shifted attitudes, and provided an unwavering voice for wildlife conservation for nearly four decades. We express our impact and intent in a single statement:

The art of survival: Fight. Protect. Engage.

This is the guiding concept in our strategy, operations, and policies. You can find out more below.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

We FIGHT wildlife crime by equipping dedicated ranger teams, funding undercover investigations and exposure of illegal trade, and lobbying for progressive change in international policies.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

We PROTECT endangered species in their natural habitat and key environmental landscapes.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

We ENGAGE local communities and international audiences through education programmes, human-wildlife co-existence initiatives, and generating alternative pro-wildlife livelihoods.

Our Core Values

Our core values embody who we are and echo the personality and charisma of our founder.

David Shepherd never backed down from the difficult issues or the work that needed to be done, and neither do we.

We are committed to ending wildlife crime and protecting wild animals in their natural environment.

From supporting communities at the grass roots level of our conservation projects to growing our incredible supporter network, community is important to us. We are a wildlife conservation charity that puts people at the heart of our work.

We will boldly represent the voiceless and make a stand against the international criminal syndicates driving international wildlife crime.

DSWF understands that conservation is a complex and challenging arena. From understanding the communities impacted by human-wildlife conflict, to welcoming differing views and arguments at the policy table, respect is crucial to our success.

DSWF is a family run and operated organisation. Personal connection is important to us, and we see our supporters and partners as an extension of the David Shepherd family.

We care deeply about what we do and the positive impact we have.

There is so much yet to be done to secure the future of the world’s most endangered wildlife. But we can do it!

Strategic Pillars

We use three strategic pillars to define our strategy, activities, and operational priorities.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

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All donations will help us continue our vital work conservation work to protect endangered species and turn the tide on extinction.

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