Why adoption is so important

Rhinos are one of the most instantly recognisable animals on the planet. Yet, the five species of rhino that have survived into modern day, are facing extinction. Black, Javan, and Sumatran rhinos are all listed as critically endangered.

Rhino horn is a highly-prized ingredient in unorthodox medicines, despite being made of keratin – which makes up human fingernails. No medicinal or health benefits can be derived from this simple protein, found in all mammalian hair, nails, hooves, and claws. There is insatiable demand for rhino horn across Asia, especially in Vietnam and China. Poaching is therefore the most prominent threat to all rhino species.

When you adopt a rhino with DSWF, you’ll help support vital, frontline projects across Africa and Asia working to save them for future generations. You can also donate directly here.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
£3 per month

Just £3 per month (or £36 one-off) will deliver vital education to school children on the importance of rhinos and their role in the ecosystem

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
£5 per month

Only £5 per month (or £47 one-off) will protect the DSWF funded stronghold providing sanctuary to the last free-roaming desert-adapted black rhinos on Earth

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
£10 per month

With £10 per month (or £60 one-off) you’ll fund K9 dog units working in the Assam region of India, preventing poaching and combating wildlife crime

DSWF Rhino Adoption

What’s Included?

A Personalised Adoption Pack 

You’ll get a personalised certificate, species fact sheet, animal bio sheet, and a photograph. In addition we will send you bi-annual updates on our conservation work with your chosen species.

Wildlife Matters Magazine 

DSWF’s magazine, bringing you conservation news and updates on our work to fight wildlife crime and protect endangered species.

Rhino Print

A stunning print of an original rhino sketch by talented wildlife artist Detlef Tibax.

Rhino Toy

For adoptions of £5 per month or £47 a year and over, you can also opt to receive a beautiful, handknitted toy crafted by the Little Ndaba women’s group in Zambia.

Physical adoption packs are only available within the UK (Digital packs are available internationally).  Parcels are sent 2nd class untracked with Royal Mail.

More than a toy.

Our adoption animal toys are made by the ladies of the Little Ndaba group in Zambia. They are ethically sourced 100% African cotton and are crocheted by over 100 women from remote villages across the country.

How Rhino Adoption Helps

When you sponsor a rhino, you fund projects working with local communities to fight wildlife crime, protect prime habitat, and raise awareness of the threats they face. In addition, your support can help us:

  • Fight for an end in the trade of rhino horn by ensuring the toughest legislative measures are enacted and enforced
  • Protect the only remaining population of desert-adapted black rhinos by supporting monitoring and research programmes in Namibia
  • Engage children and communities by funding educational workshops to nurture awareness and interest in rhino conservation
Artwork by David Shepherd
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

You can support our work to save endangered animals from extinction by adopting today.

How you can help these species in need of funding

of the world’s wildlife has been wiped out in the last 50 years.


species of plants, insects, and mammals are at risk of extinction.

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