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Free School Talks

Education is one of the Foundation’s key strategic pillars in our mission to fightprotect and engage on behalf of endangered species across the world. We have been delivering free assemblies, talks and workshops to schools, youth groups and children’s clubs for over 20 years.

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Last year we delivered to over 9,000 children and young people in the UK with the support of our global conservation partners.  Our aim is to help create conservation advocates for the future, to ensure the long-term survival of the world’s most endangered species. Before this can happen, we believe young people need to learn the knowledge and skills required to be able to do this, including confidence, vocabulary, oracy and literacy.

Key information about our offer

You can now book a session 5 days a week, either face to face or virtual depending on your location. Our virtual sessions can be delivered in English to any country in the world. We are also happy to support whole school assemblies, and more informal settings such as libraries. Our talks are free but a donation to the Foundation will always be gratefully received and will go towards the protection of endangered species. We can work with you to tailor something that is appropriate for your group of young people, or you can choose from our menu of talks and longer workshops.

DSWF offers curriculum-relevant content for all ages. Please view our Key Stage Talks and Workshops here to decide what talk would best suit your requirements.

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Book a session

Please use the below form to contact us about booking a free school talk or workshop for your school. In Person talks will depend on availability and geography, but where these are not possible, we will always offer a virtual alternative instead.

(Please see further information on virtual talks below this form)


Free School Talk

Contact / Educator’s details

Who can book an online visit?

We can provide talks to any English-speaking school across the world online, but please do check any time differences from where you are to the UK.

What will happen during the virtual visit?

One if the education team will introduce him or herself and will then share a PowerPoint presentation that she will talk through for 15 – 25 minutes depending on the age of the children and the talk selected.

At the end there will be an opportunity for the students to ask questions; please could the school organise who will be responsible for choosing who is asking questions.

What will the school need to run the virtual wildlife talk?
  • After emailing the Education Manager and agreeing a date and time for the session, the school is asked to set up a meeting using the school’s preferred virtual meeting platform (Microsoft TeamsSkype or Zoom) and invite DSWF to join the meeting using the email address given.
  • DSWF will then share their screen so that they can show the students the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Sound: please make sure that any speakers are loud enough so that the students can hear the talk, and that the microphone you are using will enable our Education Manager to hear the students. Please note that in a large room such as an assembly hall, the sound will need to be louder than in a classroom.
  • A webcam is helpful but not necessary so that our Education Manager can see the students while speaking.
  • It is best to connect your computer to a large screen or projector so that the students can see our Education Manager.
  • It would be great if you can make sure that all of this is set up in advance of the session.

Please note: sessions should not be recorded without prior permission from DSWF

Feedback from children

“We had fun making the animal habitats… when I grow up, I want to work at an animal charity and help animals.”

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

“I really enjoyed your talk about the endangered animals and I never knew that there were not many tigers left.”

Contact us if you would like to discuss our offer further or have any questions

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Key Stage Talks & Workshops

DSWF offers a tailored programme of conservation and animal art-based talks and workshops for primary schools. These workshops and talks have been shaped around key curriculum components within science, geography, and citizenship.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Curriculum Links

The purpose of the DSWF education programme is to support children and young people to become effective advocates for wildlife conservation and biodiversity’. Find out how we strive to accomplish this goal.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Education Hub

Access a selection of information, resources, activities designed to support both Educators and Students to better understand biodiversity and conservation.

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