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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

From the man himself, David Shepherd beautifully explains his mission as an artist and conservation activist:

“I set up my Foundation with the sole purpose of giving something back to the animals that helped me achieve success as an artist. At a time when the world’s wildlife is under such devastating pressure from expanding human populations and the illegal trade it seems fitting that we take a step back and reflect on the sheer beauty and diversity of our natural world and what could be lost if we do not truly appreciate the value of the world around us.”

David Shepherd CBE

The Anniversary Collection includes exclusive David Shepherd originals, available nowhere else, and a range of popular and affordable prints. Join us in celebrating this special release of artwork.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
David Shepherd Anniversary Collection

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David Shepherd around elephants


Art is a powerful medium. It can move people to action, awaken the imagination, and change perceptions. We, and many others, call this ‘artivism’ – a global movement embraced by artists to drive impactful change in the world around us. Through artivism, we can forge a personal connection with iconic animal species we may never have seen in real life or understand the threats to biodiversity and the climate a little better. We can learn of the plight facing our wild world and be challenged to do something about it.

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