Key Stage Talks

DSWF offers a tailored programme of conservation and animal art-based talks and workshops for primary schools.

These workshops and talks have been shaped around key curriculum components within science, geography, and citizenship. If your syllabus and unit plans contain a focus on endangered species and conservation, our workshops and talks will engage students by connecting them to vital, frontline, real-world projects.

Find out more details about our Key Stage Talks and Workshops here.

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Bookings for the 2023/2024 Terms

Over the last year, we have been able to deliver wildlife sessions to over 9,000 children. We have the funding to now be able to offer 12-15 in-person sessions per month. Whilst primarily operating in London, the Southeast and West, we can accommodate longer-distance visits subject to availability.

This means that our in-person sessions quickly get booked up – but we also offer online sessions and will fit in as many of these as we can.

So, if you are delivering topics involving conservation or biodiversity, in specific months of the upcoming 2023/2024 term, we advise booking in advance to avoid disappointment. However, we will always strive to accommodate any request, and can usually do so with enough notice.

All talks are 20 to 25 minutes, including a question-and-answer session or can be given as an assembly and many are suitable for EYFS and Key Stage 1 combined. One-hour workshops can also be linked to produce an extended offer for libraries, afterschool clubs or youth groups. These cannot be delivered online. We can adapt them to most age groups, although ‘Terrific Tigers’ works best with younger children. We are trialling new talks and workshops all the time so get in touch if you want to find out what is in development.

Check out our Key Stage Talks and Workshops here

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Free School Talks

Education is one of the DSWF’s key strategic pillars in our mission to fightprotect and engage on behalf of endangered species across the world. We have been delivering free assemblies, talks and workshops to schools, youth groups and children’s clubs for over 20 years. Find out how to invite DSWF to your school here.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Education Hub

Access a selection of information, resources, activities designed to support both Educators and Students to better understand biodiversity and conservation.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Curriculum Links

Our core aim is to deliver coherent conservation and wildlife messages, however we do link to the requirements from awarding bodies and national curricula where they naturally arise. Find out more about  how we align our offer to current school and college curricula in the UK.

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