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David Shepherd, the late renowned British wildlife artist, is celebrated for his extraordinary talent in capturing the majesty and beauty of the natural world through his art.

As the founder of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF), he has dedicated his life to raising awareness and funding for wildlife conservation efforts, using his incredible artistic skill to inspire change and make a positive impact on the preservation of endangered species and their habitats. Renowned for his wildlife artworks, David often painted aircraft, steam trains, portraits and landscapes, while maintaining his famed impressionistic style throughout.

The exact number of original artworks David Shepherd produced in his lifetime is unknown. The David Shepherd Originals Circle was set up to locate his original artworks around the world.

The legacy of Wildlife Art

Following in David’s footsteps, wildlife art is still very much at the heart of David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) under the banner of The Art of Survival. One of our most prevalent examples of this is DSWF’s founding of Wildlife Artist of the Year in 2008, which is an annual world-renowned competition and exhibition which has become a significant date in the art calendar.

David’s daughter, Mandy Shepherd, and his granddaughter, Emily Lamb, are both professional wildlife artists and DSWF Art Ambassadors who use their artworks to create awareness and raise funds for conservation.

The sale of artworks from DSWF goes to protecting the endangered species that we work to protect, namely elephantstigerspangolinssnow leopardspainted dogslionschimpanzees and rhinos.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

“The late David Shepherd is to wildlife art what Sir David Attenborough is to wildlife documentaries.”

Artwork by David Shepherd
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

With a deep fondness for Africa’s elephants, many of David’s most iconic paintings are of the world’s largest land mammal. He portrayed his giant subjects in various poses, from peaceful grazing to playful interactions among family members, showcasing their complex social structures and strong bonds. David’s ability to capture the soulful eyes and the sheer size and power of elephants in his paintings is awe-inspiring, evoking a deep sense of reverence and admiration for these magnificent creatures.

One of Shepherd’s most famous paintings of elephants is “Elephant Family,” which depicts a group of elephants walking across the African plains. This iconic painting has become synonymous with David’s work and his commitment to elephant conservation. Other notable paintings include “Tuskers,” “The Ivory is Theirs,” and “African Sanctuary,” which further showcase his skill in capturing the beauty and grace of elephants in their natural habitats.

DSWF, has a variety of David’s elephant work available for purchase, including both originals and prints.

Artwork by David Shepherd
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

The critically endangered tiger inspired David, and his tiger paintings are some of the most dramatic in his portfolio, famous for their incredible attention to detail and remarkable realism. He used a variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, and watercolour, to bring these majestic creatures to life on his canvases. His paintings often depicted tigers in their natural habitats, showcasing their beauty in the wild and their interactions with other wildlife.

One of Shepherd’s most famous tiger paintings is titled “The Waterhole,” which depicts a tiger taking a drink from a watering hole. This painting is an exquisite example of David’s ability to capture the intricate details of a tiger’s fur, the intensity of its gaze, and the lushness of its surroundings. Many of his other tiger paintings also showcase the tiger’s iconic stripes, piercing eyes, and powerful presence, showcasing his mastery of wildlife art.

David’s paintings of tigers were infused with a deep sense of compassion and empathy for these endangered creatures. His artwork often conveyed a sense of urgency and concern for their conservation, inspiring viewers to appreciate the beauty of tigers and take action to protect them and their natural habitats.

We have a variety of David’s tiger works available for purchase, including both originals and prints.

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