DSWF publishes the fantastic conservation magazine ‘Wildlife Matters’ bi-annually. It provides our supporters with the latest updates of our frontline conservation projects and programmes across Africa and Asia.

As a charity, transparency is not just important to us, we consider it part of our mission. We therefore also publish annual impact reports alongside our annual statements that show how the money we raise is used and allocated to save some of the world’s most endangered species from extinction.

DSWF also appears regularly in the press and in speciality media, and we’ll share prominent and relevant coverage here.

Wildlife Matters

Marcus Westberg
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

The 19 conservation programmes DSWF supports and funds can be found across no fewer than 3 continents and 17 different countries.

We know that so many people, from varying age groups and demographics, share the same passion as we do for the wild world and identify strongly with the issues we campaign for. As we tackle the growing concerns over climate change and biodiversity loss, we recognise the impact of eco-anxiety across generations young and old.

Wildlife Matters doesn’t avoid the big issues. We openly discuss the dark world of international wildlife crime and trade. You’ll find some upsetting images and stories between its pages from time to time. But it also brings hope – without the greenwashing. You’ll discover up-to-the-minute research findings from our key conservation partners. And we’ll showcase how your donations and support make a real difference and are turning the tide of extinction.

Looking for hard-hitting journalism? Our investigations and exposés put the spotlight on the illegal wildlife trade and show criminal syndicates we are prepared to take the fight to them.

And at its heart, there’s our eight core species and how we are securing a safer future for them. Because, after all, wildlife matters!

You can sign up to receive your digital copies of Wildlife Matters or find out more here.

Impact Reports

Russ MacLaughlin
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Our impact reports provide transparency and accountability as well as enable us to identify areas of improvement. With many of our projects and programmes being based on long-term relationships with key conservation partners, our impact reports play a vital role in highlighting where to go next and the work still to be done.

Furthermore, our impact reports highlight our commitment to sustainability and organisational responsibility.

Annual Statements

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Each year we publish audited financial statements to the Charity Commission in accordance with the Charities Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP). Our annual accounts include a report on the previous years activities, any material changes to the organisation and plans for the year ahead, as well as a very detailed breakdown of how money is raised and where it is spent.

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