So, we know it’s difficult to make something like an annual statement important, sexy, or interesting.

But as a charity, and as you might expect, every penny counts! We believe we have a responsibility to be ruthlessly, or dare we say even boringly efficient with the funds entrusted to us by our loyal supporters, sponsors, and partners.

If you follow DSWF’s work, you’ll know that we actively fundraise throughout the year. We also generate income through art sales, exhibitions, and competitions. We work on a global level to fight wildlife crime and turn the tide on extinction, which attracts corporations, trusts, and foundations who all want to be part of the incredible impact we have.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

But where does all that money go? How do you know it’s gone to the good cause you wanted it to? First, you can find details in our Impact Reports. But for absolute transparency, our annual statements provide a complete account of how our operations have utilised and optimised the funds we’ve raised.

DSWF has been proudly operating for nearly 40 years. We’ve weathered the financial storms of global recessions, market crashes, international conflict, and of course, COVID-19. We have worked hard to assemble the right team of staff and trustees to enable us to operate as a stable and trustworthy charity during the toughest of times.

We’ve also forged long-term partnerships with many of the projects and programmes we work with in Africa and Asia. This enables us to anticipate what they require from us in terms of funding and support as well as optimise their impact by being future facing and understanding what’s to come.

Transparency and accountability are important to us – we want you to know that we can be trusted to do the important and vital work we do. So, although they might not be the most riveting of reads – our Annual Statements will always be printed with pride!

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