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Why sponsorship is so important

Wildlife Rangers work in some of the most dangerous and hostile environments in the world. The illegal trade in wildlife and animal parts is the fourth largest black market (valued at £23 billion in 2022), in the world, after firearms, human trafficking, and narcotics. Wildlife Rangers stand on the frontline between critically endangered animals like rhino and pangolins, and the well-equipped and even better funded criminal gangs seeking to exploit wildlife. This puts a target on their back in parts of the world where human life is often cheap, or at least certainly valued less than the likes of ivory, rhino horn, pangolin scales, and bush meat.

In instances of human-wildlife conflict, they also bear the heavy burden of being first responders, charged with bringing resolution to situations shrouded in turmoil, fear, and anger. Supporting, educating, and liaising with their local communities is another vital part of their role.

By sponsoring a wildlife ranger, you’ll ensure they have the right equipment and support in the field to deal with any situation – from confronting poachers to removing illegal snares. And you’ll fund the preventative measures needed to turn human-wildlife conflict into human-wildlife co-existence.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
£3 per month

Just £3 per month (or £36 one-off) will help fund wildlife ranger training and welfare programmes supporting the brave men and women on the frontline

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
£5 per month

Only £5 per month (or £47 one-off) will ensure rangers have the vital equipment necessary to effectively carry out their role and stay safe

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
£10 per month

With £10 per month (or £60 one-off), anti-poaching ranger patrols can monitor illegal activity to safeguard the future of threatened wildlife

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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Sponsor a Ranger

What’s Included ?

A Personalised Sponsorship Pack

You’ll get a personalised certificate, and a fact sheet about rangers, a photogrpah as well as bi-annual updates from the field.

Wildlife Matters Magazine

A bi-annual magazine, bringing you conservation news and updates on our work to fight wildlife crime.

Wildlife Ranger Art Print

A beautiful depiction of a wildlife ranger, by renowned wildlife artist, Mandy Shepherd.

Physical sponsorship packs are only available within the UK (Digital packs are available internationally).  Parcels are sent 2nd class untracked with Royal Mail.

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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

How Wildlife Ranger Sponsorship Helps

Sponsoring a ranger means they can continue to carry out their vital work, protecting wildlife and engaging and empowering their local communities. In addition, your support can help us:

  • Fight wildlife crime through ranger empowerment and legal enforcement
  • Protect rangers by providing expert training and essential field gear
  • Engage with future generations of wildlife warriors to protect and fight on behalf of endangered species

You can support Rangers who work on the front line to save endangered animals from extinction by sponsoring today.

How you can help these species in need of funding

of the world’s wildlife has been wiped out in the last 50 years.


species of plants, insects, and mammals are at risk of extinction.

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