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Secondary Biodiversity Teaching Resources

DSWF is currently developing a suite of teaching resources to specifically cover the biodiversity and conservation content within all GCSE science specifications and Scottish Nationals.

Orphan Elephants, feeding milk to baby elephants, keepers
Andrew White

Ecosystems with higher biodiversity are more stable, as they have a breadth of species better able to adapt to change and challenges.

Ecosystems with fewer species can be impacted by disease, human encroachment, or natural events much more drastically. In this way, we are now understanding the future of our own species on Earth depends on maintaining high biodiversity. It’s therefore also an essential part of our secondary education offering.

Leslie Xhoffray

Through regular assessment and collaboration within the network, we aim to generate high-quality teaching materials for use in classrooms. The content will be directly available from the DSWF website, and will include:

  1. Pictures, films, and stories from our partners in Africa and Asia.
  2. A clear focus on the lived experience of the local people and communities living alongside endangered species
  3. Well designed and engaging workbooks for the students
  4. Embedded pedagogy within the lesson resources where it naturally arises
  5. Data rich formative assessment to help students test their understanding
Pangolin walking infront of sunset

We are working hard to provide this stunning new content as soon as possible.

Wesley Harmann

Please contact us if you would like to be updated when these resources become available.

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