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Continuing David Shepherd’s legacy – through art events, exhibitions, partnerships and sales of outstanding original artworks and prints – to help raise awareness and funds for wildlife.

funding key conservation projects

The world’s most iconic species are facing extinction. Help us save them.

It has never been more important to safeguard a green future, for both ourselves and the wildlife we share the planet with. We are losing global biodiversity at an unprecedented rate.

We are fighting to protect eight iconic species from extinction. We are protecting pristine wildernesses for them to thrive in, preserving entire ecosystems in the process. And we are engaging communities directly impacted by human-wildlife conflict, or entrenched in the illegal wildlife trade, to create a better future for all.

We work with conservation partners on-the-ground whilst pursuing the highest levels of legal change and protection on the international political stage to end the illegal wildlife trade. We’ve provided an unwavering voice for wildlife conservation from grassroots to the world stage, since 1984.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Wildlife crime, an illegal $23 billion industry, has become one of the major drivers of species extinction in the last several decades. Find out more about what DSWF is doing to tackle these abhorrent issues.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

DSWF focuses on eight key species that have a direct, positive impact on their natural environment and ecosystems. By building support and protection programmes around these iconic animals, we safeguard not just their future, but the futures of multiple species dependent on their presence and the world they live in.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

By investing in economically and socially vulnerable communities at the heart of the conservation landscape, we support programmes that have real impact, on real people, in the places that matter most. Only by working together can we turn the tide on extinction.

Russ MacLaughlin

We focus on saving endangered species and ending the exploitation of wildlife before it’s too late.

Wildlife education programme

Raising awareness from an early age.

The purpose of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation education programme is to support children and young people to become effective advocates for wildlife conservation and biodiversity’.

We believe that it is vitally important to raise environmental awareness in children from an early age.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

years of talks and workshops to schools, youth groups and children’s clubs

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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

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