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Why adoption is so important

Chimpanzees are at very high risk of extinction in the near future, with all but one subspecies classed as endangered by the IUCN. In just six years, 14,000 chimps have been lost to the illegal wildlife trade, leaving their populations decimated and hanging in the balance.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation is fighting for chimp survival by combatting the challenges driving them towards extinction. Working with key partners, we’ve made it our mission to save this charismatic yet vulnerable species. And, as threats to chimps increase, animal adoption is vital in making this happen. Adopt a chimpanzee for just £3 a month, and you can support us in our vital work.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
£3 per month

£3 per month (or £36 one-off) could help protect and prevent habitat loss for chimps in the High Niger National Park.


Chimp looking to right
£5 per month

£5 per month (or £47 one-off) could help engage adults and children in Guinea to raise awareness and promote human wildlife coexistence.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
£10 per month

£10 per month (or £60 one-off) alternative livelihood programmes could be developed, empowering local communities to live sustainable lives.

DSWF Chimpanzee Adoption Pack

What’s included?

A Personalised Adoption Pack 

You’ll get a personalised certificate, species fact sheet, animal bio sheet, and a photograph. In addition we will send you bi-annual updates on our conservation work with your chosen species.

Wildlife Matters Magazine 

DSWF’s magazine, bringing you conservation news and updates on our work to fight wildlife crime and protect endangered species.

Chimpanzee Sketch Print

A beautiful print of a chimpanzee sketch created by the talented wildlife artist and David Shepherd’s daughter, Mandy Shepherd.

Chimpanzee Toy

For adoptions of £5 per month or £47 a year and over, you can also opt to receive a beautiful, handknitted toy crafted by the Little Ndaba women’s group in Zambia.

Physical adoption packs are only available within the UK (Digital packs are available internationally).  Parcels are sent 2nd class untracked with Royal Mail.

More than a toy.

Our adoption animal toys are made by the ladies of the Little Ndaba group in Zambia. They are ethically sourced 100% African cotton and are crocheted by over 100 women from remote villages across the country.

How Chimpanzee Adoption Helps

Adopting a chimpanzee helps support our wild chimpanzee projects and protect future generations of this wonderful species. With your support, our trained professionals can:

  • Fight to end the illegal wildlife trade, reduce demand for chimpanzees as pets, and safeguard important chimpanzee habitats
  • Protect future generations of chimpanzees by rescuing illegally trafficked chimps
  • Engage school groups living alongside chimps to foster a more positive perception of wildlife and the natural world.
Artwork by Mandy Shepherd
Chimp sketch, art

You can support our work to save endangered animals from extinction by adopting today.

How you can help these species in need of funding

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