For Young People

The eight icon animals that DSWF supports are immediately engaging for young people of all ages. They are a helpful delivery tool to convey messages about biodiversity, conservation, data science and applied art to young people.


David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Matt Armstrong Ford

Our content focuses on the animals and habitats that DSWF support rather than every species. The aim is to raise their profile and give you a better understanding of their behavior and the local communities they coexist with.

We have collected a selection of activities that you can use with limited guidance, including some art, quizzes and films to watch. Most of the activities need limited equipment and can be completed within an hour.

Please contact us if you find other activities you would like us to include or to send us a picture of something you have done.

Please find information, activities and resources below:

Matt Armstrong-Ford
Lion sat in trees
Adopt An Animal

Enquire about someone coming to talk about conservation at your school here

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Free School Talks

Education is one of the DSWF’s key strategic pillars in our mission to fightprotect and engage on behalf of endangered species across the world. We have been delivering free assemblies, talks and workshops to schools, youth groups and children’s clubs for over 20 years. Find out how to invite DSWF to your school here.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Wildlife Education

Access a selection of information, resources, activities designed to support both Educators and Students to better understand biodiversity and conservation.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Species We Protect

DSWF believes in the conservation of all wildlife and wild spaces and does not condone the consumptive use of wildlife and natural resources for the benefit of human greed and curiosity. DSWF’s conservation portfolio primarily focusses on eight core species of endangered and threatened mammals across Africa and Asia.  Find out more about these species here.

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