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The Shepherd Family

The Shepherd Family proudly continue David’s legacy, through the dedicated leadership and stewardship of David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF). Two generations of the Shepherd family are intricately and directly involved in governing the foundation, shaping its voice and impact for new audiences and a wild world that needs our help now, more than ever.

Peter O’Brien
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Georgina ‘Peanut’ Lamb – Chief Executive 

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Georgina has been Chief Executive of DSWF since April 2020, and previously served as Head of Programmes and Policy for six years, as well as heading up our conservation portfolio. She is also David Shepherd’s granddaughter. 

While her parents were choosing a name as a baby, her grandfather gave her the affectionate nickname of ‘Peanut’ – and it has stuck ever since.  

As well as serving DSWF in an official capacity, Georgina took on ambassador duties for the foundation at a much earlier age. It was at a fundraising dinner in London, at the age of ten, where she first called on audience members to dig deep into their pockets to support our vital work. 

Whilst spearheading our policy-related work around the illegal wildlife trade, Georgina was instrumental in positioning DSWF as a leading pangolin charity in the United Kingdom.  

“Conservation is something that was instilled in me from the earliest age. Grandad invoked a natural passion and enthusiasm in us all, so we wholeheartedly and unashamedly embraced a love for wildlife. Yet it was through my mother, Melanie Shepherd, during her time as CEO, that I first realised just how bad things were getting for the world and its wildlife. It is an honour to be able to continue the family legacy, and to be representing our brave conservation partners on the frontline in our joint fight to end wildlife crime.” 

Whilst Georgina brings the new vision and direction of the next generation to her role, staying true to the strong art-focused heritage of the foundation is just as important to her. DSWF’s annual Wildlife Artist of the Year celebrates the powerful voice of wildlife art and artists alike and takes it to an ever-growing global audience. 

Those who knew David, either from afar as a charismatic icon in conservation, or more closely, will take great comfort in knowing that his legacy is safe in the hands of his granddaughter. And DSWF can embrace the future through a new, modern, forward-facing leadership. 

Melanie Shepherd – Chair of the Board of Trustees 

Becky Thomas
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Georgina’s mum and David’s daughter – Melanie, was Chief Executive of the foundation for over 25 years. Having led the organisation from its infancy through to its highly regarded position as a leading conservation organisation today, Melanie now uses her intimate understanding of our work to drive strategic growth as Chair of the Board of Trustees. 

Melanie shows an unmatched personal commitment to all the DSWF projects across Africa and Asia, based upon decades of building trust and relationships with the frontline conservation partners DSWF has supported on a long-term basis.  

“My father had an energetic, impulsive, and addictive passion for wildlife and the environment. It would have been near impossible for this not to rub off, or to stand by without feeling moved to do more and get directly involved. It has been a genuine privilege to be a part of the foundation’s evolving place in the conservation and wildlife art world. It especially means a lot to be able to work with wonderful teams and people, no more so than the dedicated and often unsung heroes fighting wildlife crime on the frontline of conservation. It is very fitting that my father was known as the ‘man who loved giants’, given his huge personality and enormous, positive impact in conservation. His paintings and advocacy powerfully moved many to fight for the species he so loved and wanted to protect, and through the work of DSWF, continue to do so today. I am immensely proud to be able to continue his legacy for future generations.” 

Mandy Shepherd – Wildlife Art Ambassador 

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Mandy is also David Shepherd’s daughter, and a renowned wildlife, portrait, and military artist. It became clear early on that Mandy had inherited David’s love of Africa, as well as an interest in the armed forces. She trained at London’s Byam Shaw School of Art and completed her degree in Brighton. Building on that heritage and study, Mandy then forged her own career and developed her own, delicate style. 

Mandy has lived and worked in the Falkland Islands, as well as Zambia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe – three countries with deep-rooted connections to DSWF projects. Her military commissions have even taken her to sea, with the carriers HMS Invincible, Illustrious, and Ocean.  

As one of our hardest working and longest serving art ambassadors, Mandy regularly donates artwork to raise funds for our incredible projects, as well as speaking at events to raise awareness about our core conservation mission and advocating our artists’ heritage. She has also often collaborated with her niece, and fellow wildlife artist, Emily Lamb. 

Emily is a world-renowned wildlife and environmental artist as well as being David Shepherd’s granddaughter. Her passion for the world’s wildlife and her commitment to driving greater awareness on the challenges it faces is reflected in both her style and prolific work.

As an artist, Emily connects people to the wilderness, the iconic species that live there, and the threats they face. Through her work, she gives a voice to the world’s wildlife that demands to be heard.

Through impassioned campaigning she has raised awareness and generated support for some of DSWF’s most crucial projects. Emily’s fundraising, through the sale of unique artworks and collaborative concepts, has also provided vital backing for our frontline conservation partners.

In 2019, Emily created the Instagram movement #SketchForWildlife, which raised over £45,000 in one year alone and continues to be successful.

And at our 2023 Wildlife Ball, Emily performed the very moving and brilliant ‘Running for Our Lives’ with fellow DSWF ambassador, Laura Wright. The artwork and its accompanying sketches and drafts were auctioned off live on the night, raising over £25,000. A video of this incredible performance can be seen here.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

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