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For 40 years DSWF has been working holistically on the front line of conservation. Together with our valued partners we have contributed to the survival of some of the world’s most endangered mammals. Successes such as the confiscation of over 100 firearms in 2022, 17 million people reached through outreach campaigns centred on stopping the illegal consumption of wildlife and the establishment of a moratorium to ensure a temporary ban on the trade in live, wild caught elephants agreed at CITES COP 19 have all been achieved in the last 12 months.

Over the coming year we have ambitious plans to continue to turn the tide on extinction, your support will facilitate a sustainable, safe future for wildlife.

Cyclical Giving

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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Partnering with DSWF unlocks a diverse world of giving. Our relationship is cyclical, with a value exchange that differs from what you have experienced before.

We tailor your giving to your preferences. On species, geographical or sector specific levels your generosity will impact conservation in a way that you feel connected to.

In-situ, your support directly conserves and protects endangered wildlife, empowers communities with access to information and resources and engages at all levels to the betterment of wildlife.

Your giving also initiates your journey into cyclical giving with DSWF. Project visits, bespoke events in collaboration with DSWF, conservation speakers as well as your exposure to wildlife art are all aspects of our partnership that you can enjoy. We will also provide detailed reporting on the work your generosity facilitates, providing names, images and stories to your giving.

Our project portfolio stretches across Africa and Asia as well as in the UK. The potential for change your generosity holds is immense and our 40 years of conservation experience means we are perfectly placed to galvanise your generosity to best benefit wildlife and provide a cyclical giving experience for you.

Our Trusts & Foundations Manager, Tom Hicks, is on hand to provide more details on the opportunities our partnership holds.

To get in touch, please call 01483 272323 or email tom.hicks@davidshepherd.org.

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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Artwork by Paul Dixon
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Conservation Work

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) works tirelessly to fund ground-based conservation partners across Africa and Asia who work to protect endangered species. Through dedication and hard work, we have influenced policy, shifted attitudes and provided an unwavering voice for wildlife conservation from grassroots to the world stage since 1984.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Wildlife Education

The purpose of the DSWF education programme is to support children and young people to become effective advocates for wildlife conservation and biodiversity’. Find out how we strive to accomplish this goal.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Wildlife Art

DSWF has a rich art heritage established by our founder, the late wildlife artist and conservationist, David Shepherd CBE. Through our collection of wildlife art, DSWF continues to honour the legacy of David Shepherd through art events, exhibitions, partnerships, and sales of outstanding original artworks and prints to support wildlife conservation efforts across Africa and Asia.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

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All donations will help us continue our vital work conservation work to protect endangered species and turn the tide on extinction.

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