Vision and Mission

The Art of Survival: FIGHT • PROTECT • ENGAGE on behalf of endangered wildlife around the world.

DSWF’s Mission

To raise vital funds to support front line conservation projects which help secure a future for wildlife in their natural habitat.

  • We fight environmental and wildlife crime through ranger programmes and law enforcement.
  • We engage with communities to educate and raise awareness to reduce threats to wildlife.
  • We campaign for stronger wildlife laws and to reduce consumer demand for wildlife products.

Through dedication and hard work we have influenced policy, shifted attitudes and provided an unwavering voice for wildlife conservation from grass roots to the world stage since 1984.

We work hard to maximise the impact of every donation we receive and to date have invested over £11 million in wildlife conservation projects.

The Art of Survival: FIGHT • PROTECT • ENGAGE


DSWF fights for the greatest legal protection of endangered species by lobbying on a global scale and in the international policy arena.

We fund international investigations into environmental crime and help to build the capacity of law enforcement networks across our portfolio.

We also support and train rangers fighting on the front line of conservation.


DSWF protects vulnerable and endangered species by funding ground-based conservation partners across Africa and Asia working on practical solutions to mitigate human-wildlife conflict, monitoring key wildlife populations, ensuring protected areas are safe and the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife orphaned as a result of poaching to ensure their safe release back into the wild.

DSWF is working to protect these endangered species:


DSWF engages with communities through education, believing that participation is vital to ensure a sustainable future for both people and wildlife.

We support alternative income and livelihood initiatives and empower local communities and future generations to live in harmony with wildlife.

DSWF also supports public awareness campaigns to reduce the demand and eliminate the consumptive use of wildlife products in consumer countries.

The Art of Survival

Our innovative ‘Art of Survival’ programme ensures our artistic heritage continues to reach, inspire and engage people around the world to join our fight to save wildlife. Our founder, the late David Shepherd, was famous for his wonderful wildlife art. We have continued to promote wildlife art through our: annual Wildlife Artist of the Year competition, Art Patron, Wildlife Art Ambassadors, Global Canvas – Children’s Art Competition and Art Shop

We continue to use art as an effective and engaging platform to raise awareness and funds for our work.