Sketch for Wildlife (#SketchForWildlife)  is an Instagram movement created by David Shepherd’s granddaughter Emily Lamb.

In January 2019, ‘to celebrate art and wildlife together’, Emily began creating 30-minute daily sketches to be sold through social media for £100, 100% donated to endangered wildlife. The movement has since caught on and the challenge taken up by other notable and talented artists, including Stephen Rew and Emily Tan.

In the first four months alone, Emily raised over £25,000 to help fund our vital conservation work across Africa and Asia. We are so proud of this creative social media campaign which has made a real difference to the projects we support.

If you have been lucky enough to win a #SketchForWildlife please let us know the name of the artist when you donate so that we can say thank you!

Artists taking part in #SketchForWildlife

Use social media to get involved in #SketchForWildlife

If you would like to be a part of #SketchForWildlife and help raise funds through the sale of your art, simply:

  • Upload your piece to social media, using the hashtag #SketchForWildlife. You don’t have to sell for £100 – choose whatever price you feel is right for you.
  • Ask your followers to donate through our website and to send you confirmation of payment.

For more outstanding wildlife art available for sale visit our shop.