Adopt an African Elephant: Chamilandu

Covid-19 Adoption Announcement: In light of the recent government lockdown, we are unable to post adaptation packs ordered after Monday, 23 March 2020. An e-copy of your adoption pack content will be emailed to you. The sketch (and toy) will be sent at a later date. Please accept our apologies and we hope you understand under these difficult circumstances.

Orphaned as a baby, Chamilandu was one of the first elephants rescued in Zambia.

Now the matriarch of the orphan herd, she is thriving with her new friends and receiving the expert loving care she needs to enable her to be successfully released back into the wild.

By adopting a Chamilandu you will not only be helping to save, care for and then release back into the wild, all of our existing and future orphans; but also helping to protect their elephant cousins in the wild.

This special adoption comes with the choice of adding a handmade elephant toy to your pack. Each toy is individually and lovingly made by Little Ndaba, a women’s community group in Zambia that helps provide alternative incomes to those living close to wildlife. Chamilandu has a crochet heart on her rear to reflect her motherly character and love for her herd. Click here to read more about Little Ndaba

Click here for more information on our elephant projects in Zambia

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