Wildlife Crime – Dog Squad Unit, Assam

DSWF is supporting vital anti-poaching work to end the illegal trade in wildlife across Assam’s borders while protecting one of the most important wildlife habitats in the world. Kaziranga National Park is the last stronghold of Indian one-horned rhino and one of India’s most important tiger habitats.

DSWF helped establish, and now funds, the first K9 Dog Squad Unit in Assam. Aimed at improving post-poaching investigations and strengthening the work of the Wildlife Crime Monitoring Programme that DSWF has supported since 1994, the unit focuses on tracking down criminals. Belgian Malinois, trained in detection and tracking work, have been chosen for the job and the first, Jorba, is now deployed across Assam’s National parks.

The breed is capable of picking up a scent, tracking, outrunning and bringing down a suspect and has been trained to detect wildlife products such as tiger and leopard skin and bones, bear bile, ivory and rhino horn.

Joined by a new dog called Babli  in 2014, the team is unearthing clues at poaching crime scenes and leading the enforcement agencies to suspect’s hideouts where wildlife products are being recovered and culprits arrested.

The Dog Squad is making a huge contribution towards controlling wildlife crime and sending a strong message to poachers and traffickers that we have increased our efforts to track them down.

DSWF is the sole funder of this project and with a third dog now in training, more than ever, we need your funding to help support this vital anti-poaching team

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Header image and photo above: Aaranyak


Did you know?

Belgian Malinois are perfect for this type of work