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How DSWF is protecting Painted Dogs

Painted dogs, also known as painted wolves, cape hunting dogs, and wild dogs, are one of the most endangered mammals on the planet with less than 6,000 remaining in the wild. DSWF is committed to addressing the threats faced by this iconic species and offering them a sustainable future in the wild.

How DSWF protects painted dogs in Zimbabwe

For over 20 years, we’ve been funding immersive educational bush camps, alongside anti-poaching teams working on the frontline of species protection and community engagement.

Through positive interaction with rural communities and children in Zimbabwe, thanks to ongoing support from DSWF, the painted dog remains a symbol of strength, unity, and perseverance within the area.

Painted Dog Conservation
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Supporting Frontline Fighters

Supporting frontline fighters

Ranger training, welfare and evidence based advice on pack behaviour

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Public Education and Awareness

Public education and awareness

Community engagement and children’s education on pack behaviour and health.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Anti-poaching operations

Anti-poaching ranger patrols and anti-snare operations to ensure protection from illegal hunting.

Fight. Protect. Engage. Fight. Protect. Engage.
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Protecting Painted Dogs from Snares

DSWF fights to protect painted dog populations by funding law enforcement programmes in Zimbabwe.

Our monitoring and anti-poaching efforts in Hwange National Park provide a blanket of protection for over 10,500km² of painted dog habitat.

The anti-poaching teams spend thousands of hours removing snares from the bush every year, which would otherwise injure, maim, or kill painted dogs. The teams find over 5,000 snares every year, saving the lives of over 500 animals (it is estimated that 1 in 10 snares catch something), including painted dogs, who are regularly rescued from snares. It is only because of extensive DSWF-funded patrolling, and the rapid reporting and response to incidences of snaring, that it is possible to free the dogs.

Engaging with Local Communities to Protect Painted Dogs

DSWF believes that education and community participation is fundamental in ensuring a sustainable future for both people and wildlife.

Acknowledging the importance of engaging with communities, DSWF funds an inspiring and immersive educational ‘Bush Camp’ programme that reaches more than 800 children every year, encouraging respect and fostering a healthy sense of co-existence between people and painted dogs.

These educational programmes help children to understand the vital role painted dogs play in the ecosystem and inspire an emotional attachment to nature. Children are vital in the long-term survival of these majestic animals, and by educating our future leaders, we boost the painted dogs’ chances of survival.

DSWF strives to protect painted dog populations by conducting community initiatives in the Hwange National Park and surrounding areas. These initiatives aim to foster positive associations between local communities surrounding the park and endemic painted dog populations, helping to mitigate human wildlife conflict, which is a prominent threat to the painted dog survival in the wild.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

With your donations DSWF will continue to support

  • Wildlife Ranger training and welfare programmes supporting the brave men and women on the frontline in Zimbabwe
  • Patrols to collect snares which pose illegal, dangerous, and life-threatening risks to painted dogs and other wildlife
  • Anti-poaching ranger patrols monitoring illegal activity in dog bearing areas to ensure the safety of painted dog packs
  • Monitoring and research programmes to best understand pack behaviour and health
  • Educational children’s bush camps to encourage and develop environmental awareness
  • Community engagement and livelihood schemes to avert retaliatory killing of painted dogs in Zimbabwe
  • Painted dog veterinary support to injured, wounded, or vulnerable packs and individuals in Zimbabwe
  • Providing anti-snare collars to protect painted dogs in the wild from illegal wire hunting snares

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