Update on recent tiger death in Russia

  • November 26, 2013

We have received an update from our Russian tiger project on the male tiger that was found dead in Russia last week (see previous blog here).

“The tiger was probably killed by poachers during an illegal night hunt with the use of a headlight. They may have seen the reflection in the eyes of the animal and thought that the tiger was a deer. It seems that when the poachers understood that they killed a tiger, they got frightened about what they had done and left the body at the scene of crime. The tiger had no use of his forelegs due to the gunshot wound and bled to death.

The police are investigating this case and we hope that they will be able to reconstruct the crime. However because the dead tiger was found two days after it had been killed, the trail is no longer “hot” which will make investigations more difficult. There was also rain and snow afterwards, so there is little chance that traces of crime will be found.”

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Photos (c) Land of the Leopard National Park