‘Toys with big hearts and long tales’

Little Ndaba engages women from different communities around Zambia to hand knit and crochet toys. Inspired by their wildlife in Zambia and the need to protect it, in 2013 they began to use their skills to make soft toys for children and adults alike.  Through their work with Little Ndaba, these women are given the opportunity for sustainable income and supported every step of the way by the whole team.

The Little Ndaba Collection is handmade in Zambia, designed with a love for wildlife and the environment. Every soft toy is made from 100% naturally sourced cotton from Africa. This cotton is then turned into wonderful toys by hand, making each toy unique. Where possible, all materials are from organic sources and the toys are stuffed with acrylic ‘waste’ from local yarn manufacturers, helping to ensure that this does not end up in landfills.

The team at Little Ndaba are extraordinary and DSWF are proud to partner with this remarkable and important project.