Help protect critically endangered wildlife from just £3 a month and adopt an animal today.

Our key species walk the fine line of extinction. Your adoption will directly fund the work of our ground-based conservation partners fighting to protect wildlife on your behalf. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a gift for someone else, by choosing to adopt an animal today you can ensure a future for vulnerable wildlife across Africa and Asia.

You will receive a personalised certificate, species fact sheet, animal bio sheet & photo. As well as a copy of our Wildlife Matters magazine and a beautiful sketch print of your animal. You can also choose to receive a wonderful handmade animal toy. In addition we will send you bi-annual adoption updates.

Make your adoption go further

Your adoption will help protect endangered animals across Africa and Asia. By choosing how you give and how much you want to give through your adoption you can have greater impact. If you choose to pay monthly for your adoption, you will be showing your ongoing commitment to your chosen species. We hope you will continue your adoption for as long as possible. Alternatively, you can choose to adopt a species for a year through a one-off payment. After which point, you can renew your adoption (either monthly or as a one off payment) so you can continue to protect wildlife in the fight against extinction.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) adoptions also make a special gift. Choose from any of the 8 species below, sponsor a ranger or renew your existing adoption:

About our animal adoption toy

Our toys are made by the ladies of the Little Ndaba group in Zambia. Ethically sourced, 100% African cotton animal toys crocheted by over 100 women from remote villages across the country.

The Little Ndaba ladies share resources with wildlife, like elephants and pangolins. Crocheting is a skill set that has been passed down from generations. It provides these women with an essential source of dignified income. As well as a means to provide for their families, whilst using local wildlife as inspiration.

DSWF provides vulnerable families with an alternative livelihood to poaching. All whilst encouraging harmonious coexistence between local communities and wildlife, by making Little Ndaba our preferred toy supplier.

Watch this delightful video on how our adoption toys are made:


“I have just received my pangolin adoption pack and am blown away. I didn’t buy it for the pack, my priority was helping out but I was so impressed with the contents. I nearly didn’t get one with the toy but am so glad I did, it made me quite teary –  it was beyond cute, with little touches like a tiny heart, the women who make them must really work hard as they are so intricate. Thank you.” – Cathy

 “Thank you very much for the beautiful Adoption Pack. I absolutely love how beautifully it is made, with all the information about the species as well as a personal (and a very touching) story of Chamilandu that makes me feel really close to her. When I received the Adoption Pack yesterday, it totally made my day.” – Jakub