Conservation Partners

The funds raised by David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) directly support a variety of ground-based conservation partners across Africa and Asia.

We choose our partners very carefully and believe that long-term projects are the answer to truly turning the tide on extinction, with many of our partnerships stretching back a number of years.

Take a look below to find out more about each of our ground-based conservation partners.


aaranyak wildlife conservation group

Aaranyak is based in Assam, in the northeast of India. DSWF has supported Aaranyak with funding for anti-poaching efforts, park protection, education and wildlife crime investigation initiatives for over 25 years.

Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzés

Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzés (CCC) is based in Guinea, on the west coast of Africa.

DSWF supports CCC’s work to rescue West African chimpanzees from the illegal wildlife trade and education initiatives to encourage local communities to protect chimpanzees and their habitats. 

Environmental Investigation Agency

Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) is an international organisation that works to fight environmental and wildlife crime.

Freeland International

Freeland International is an international counter-trafficking organisation which protects endangered wildlife through law enforcement, criminal investigations and educational initiatives.

Freeland Thailand undertakes ground-based tiger conservation work in Thailand’s Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex.

Game Rangers International

Game Rangers International (GRI) is based in Zambia, Africa. DSWF has worked closely with GRI since its inception in 2007.

DSWF supports GRI’s on-the-ground park protection, including the training and provision of equipment to rangers, alongside community outreach programmes and special anti-poaching units to fight poaching and wildlife crime. 

DSWF also supports the Elephant Orphanage Project (GRI-EOP) in Kafue National Park, which rescues orphaned baby elephants in the wild and rehabilitates them for release back into wild herds.

Painted Dog Conservation

Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) works to protect the African painted dog in Hwange and Mana Pools National Parks in Zimbabwe.

Through park protection, law enforcement efforts and education initiatives, PDC works to conserve painted dogs in their natural habitat. 

Phoenix Fund

Phoenix Fund is an organisation based in Russia, working to protect the Amur tiger.

Through law enforcement initiatives across the challenging landscape of the Russian Far East, national campaigns and a variety of educational activities, Phoenix Fund works to change attitudes and protect the Amur tiger and its habitat.

Save the Rhino Trust

Save the Rhino Trust (SRT) aims to protect the last free-roaming population of the desert-adapted black rhino in Namibia, Africa.

Through law enforcement patrols and widespread data collection and monitoring, SRT are working tirelessly to prevent the extinction of this endangered species.

Snow Leopard Trust

Snow Leopard Trust (SLT) is an organisation based in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan.

SLT works to protect wild populations of the elusive snow leopard, ensuring their habitats are protected and educating the local communities about the value of conservation.

Uganda Conservation Foundation

Uganda Conservation Foundation (UCF) is an organisation dedicated to protecting Uganda’s national parks, protected areas and conservancies.

UCF works with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to mitigate human-wildlife conflict, support the recovery of neglected protected areas and improve the livelihoods of local communities.


WildAid is an organisation based in San Francisco, USA, which campaigns on an international scale to reduce the demand for wildlife products.

From educational messaging in Vietnam to prevent the use of pangolin scales in traditional medicine, to campaigning for a ban on tiger part consumption in China, WildAid works to reduce wildlife product consumption across the world.

Wildlife Trust of India

Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) is a nature conservation organisation working to conserve wildlife and their habitats across India.

DSWF has provided rapid aid to address wildlife emergencies in India, such as initiatives to reduce human-elephant conflict, as well as support to address trafficking of the slender loris.