Wildlife Crime – demand reduction for rhino horn, Vietnam and China

DSWF supported WildAid’s campaign to raise awareness in Vietnam, and beyond, of the rhino poaching crisis. This involved supporting Vietnamese lawmakers in banning rhino horn sales and increasing enforcement efforts with the aim of reducing demand for rhino horn in Vietnam, one of the main consumer and demand markets.

DSWF funding supported a variety of campaign activities including the development of billboards, print ads and public service announcements (PSAs) as well as reaching out to hospitals, media and business leaders to bring about an end to the use of rhino horn.

The aim was to broaden awareness that rhino horn in made of keratin (the same substance as human fingernails and hair) and has no medicinal value with a number of celebrities being encouraged to take part in social media campaigns.

A baseline attitude survey was conducted in 2014 and repeated in November 2016 – it showed a marked increase in awareness of the issues surrounding rhino horn use and a reduction in the amount of people who believed that rhino horn cured ailments such as cancer.

In 2017, DSWF began supporting WildAid’s new campaign to raise awareness of the issues faced by the pangolin, the world’s most illegally trafficked mammal. The campaign focusses on Vietnam and China, the main consumer countries for pangolins and pangolin products. Read more here.



Images: WildAid