Success at Russian Tiger Day!

  • October 4, 2013

TigerTime and our Russian colleagues in Vladivostok celebrated Russian Tiger Day on the 29th September!
Tiger Day was first celebrated in Vladivostok in 2000 to raise awareness and support for the Amur tiger. The festivities have now spread across Russia and even to the Chinese town of Hunchun.

This year’s festivities included over 4,000 brightly coloured costumed participants. The parade not only included groups from Vladivostok, but also from other districts in the Russian Far East. Over 5,000 spectators descended to watch the parade, a show of great support for the wild tiger. The day ended with a concert and prizes for the best dressed groups. The theme this year focused on the thought that everyone must take steps to live in harmony with nature and not take it for granted.

Back in the UK, we took to Guildford High Street to raise awareness and funds for our vital protection programmes in India, Russia and Thailand. It was a great day with much interest in the campaign and the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. We raised over £600, spread the word and sold TigerTime merchandise.

YOU can get involved to raise money for the wild tiger too. There are 450 Amur tigers left in the wild and they desperately need help. Download our fundraising pack here and have your own event to celebrate this beautiful big cat!