The Art of Survival

Our Founder, the late great conservationist and wildlife artist David Shepherd, dedicated 60 years of his life to protecting endangered wildlife by using his exceptional art to raise funds.

We are dedicated to maintaining the Foundation’s rich art heritage; using art as an effective and engaging platform to raise awareness and funds for our work.

Wildlife Artist of the Year – Find out more
DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year is a prestigious annual wildlife art competition – attracting artists from all over the world and showcasing some of the finest and most exciting wildlife art at exhibition in London. The competition each year raises vital awareness and funds for the endangered wildlife that DSWF works so hard to protect.

Art Ambassadors – Find out more
Six hugely talented artists who have become a part of the charity’s mission to raise awareness and funds to save wildlife through highly visual and emotive media. All pieces are for sale with proceeds supporting DSWF’s conservation work to protect endangered wildlife.

The Bigger Picture – Find out more
A collaboration of three talented artists who decided to use their gifts in order to raise funds and awareness for those on the front-line of conservation – A thought provoking exhibition, expressing a world of anti-poaching through art.

Partner Artists – Find out more
Our Partner Artists support our work to save endangered species with sales of their artwork.

Global Canvas Children’s Art Competition – Find out more
Global Canvas is an annual children’s art competition encouraging young people to express their concern for the environment through art.

Sales and entry fees in our ‘Art of Survival’ programme support our work to save endangered species.