Rama Lamadingdong’ African Elephant

Mixed Media, Original | 60 × 60 cm | Framed


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Watercolour & ink original.

As quoted by Jos: ‘This elephant has no qualms that he is, indeed, the real King of the Jungle. I have been fascinated with elephants since my first encounter with them when we used to see them when we used to drive from Nairobi to Mombasa, where we went on beachside holidays. They used to roam in the savannah, and very occasionally come onto the dirt-track road, and we would keep a respectful distance until they gently ambled away. However, when we got too close, as occasionally we did when we were tempted to get a better look, they warned us off by flapping their ears, making them seem even bigger than they are. I wanted to capture the expression of this mighty animal, seizing us up before letting us know who’s the boss!’

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Jos Haigh

Inspired by her childhood colours of Africa, Jos swapped a career in science for the love of art. If you are familiar with her paintings, you will recognise the explosion of colours in these dazzling watercolours, which capture the distinctive spirit of each animal. Her passion to be an artist stems from the alarm and fascination she felt at the age of six, seeing an enormous David Shepherd painting above the mantlepiece at a friend’s house of an elephant thundering out towards her. Ever since she started to paint, Jos continues to capture the wonder of wildlife. Our sincere thanks to Jos for contributing with 50/50 split in proceeds.