Belgravia in Bloom – Foraging



49 x 38 cm
Original print (1 of 1) – monoprint and gold leaf

“The life of a baboon is challenging, especially before the rains when there are few juicy roots to dine on. This piece reflects the African dry season, it references local textiles and hints at the vast Mopani cathedrals in South Luangwa, Zambia. The gold leaf is all about hope – fresh vegetation that will burst into life with the first drops of rain.” – Polly Hosp 

Polly Hosp

Polly Hosp’s practice is built on a deep connection with the fragile natural world and a passion for the environment. She captures unique wildlife moments with a focus on animal behaviour, movement and storytelling.

Building on memories of the Kent countryside, plus over a decade living in the heart of the African bush, Polly’s aim is to engage the viewer in big conservation issues through simple joyful imagery.

Drawing is at the heart of her practice, and printmaking is how Polly brings her artwork to life. Images emerge through the layering of process, where texture and tone create visions of memories, transporting the viewer to a new place. The line is integral, but the process is all about expression.