Swans, Rocks and Water

Chris Shields - Swans, Rocks and Water - 56 x 40 - Acrylic

Swans, Rocks and Water

Chris Shields

Swans, Rocks and Water
Chris Shields
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Artwork Size (cm)
56 x 40 cm



Chris talks about his artwork “Swans, Rocks and Water”: “Ordinarily I have only seen mute swans on the fairly still waters of lakes, canals and slow running rivers but this pair of swans were happily swimming through the turbulent waters of the River Rothay near Grassmere in the Lake District. It was this scene which inspired me to create this painting.

Cumbria is one of my favourite places, with its many rivers and lakes it is a perfect place to study and paint the play of light on water. Executed in acrylic and applied loosely with a pallet knife in order to capture the movement of the water and the play of light on the river.


Chris Shields, award-winning artist and wildlife illustrator, is a keen naturalist and has been working professionally since 1983. As well as many paintings he has created in excess of 30,000 wildlife illustrations in over 300 books and works for organisations such as the RSPB, The Wildlife Trusts, Friends of the Earth, The Oregon State History Museum USA, BBC Wildlife Magazine, The Field Studies Council and is now regarded as one of the world’s leading natural history illustrators.