Jo Maynard Art

Initially home schooled until she was 10 years old, Jo then took up the Olympic Sport of fencing and only retired a few years ago. When Jo is not coaching fencers, she spends her time creating bespoke pieces worldwide. It is only within the last 6 years that she has taken up art on a professional basis drawing anything from children, cars, the ocean, landscapes, pet portraits as well as wildlife. And Jo continues to experiment with oils, pastel pencils and pencils. Watch out for the article in Jackson’s Art Supplies and in “Call of the Blue” by photographer Philip Hamilton. Jo has also entered Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year too. Jo spends her time between France and Surrey in the UK. She has supported the Foundation as well as several other animal charities. She has donated her originals raising substantial sums of money for animal conservation and anti-poaching projects around the world. She has also been a book illustrator and volunteers at a wildlife rescue centre where she is able to observe some of wildlife.


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