Nathalie Daigle - Spiral


Nathalie Daigle

Nathalie Daigle
Artwork Category
Facing Extinction
Artwork Size (cm)
30 x 30 cm



“Spiral” is an acrylic painting created by Nathalie Daigle. Nathalie comments “This agile nose takes the shape of a spiral and we are mesmerized to find fractal patterns embedded into this creation. I chose to purposely paint these fractal patterns as they have a positive effect for us viewers. Our brain recognises kinship to the natural world, thus resulting in stress reduction. The elephant’s trunk is unique.”


Nathalie Daigle was born in New Brunswick, Canada. Her biology studies and scenic art productions played an important role to lead her to unify her two passions into Nature Art & Wildlife Art. She came to understood that her act of creating had evolved into an expression of being related to Nature from the inside. It has its origins from her deep respect for “LIFE” and communicating that “We are all related.” It stands as the spine of her work. To express the life we have in common with the majestic beauties, the elephants, she studies their behaviour and paints close-ups of their skin, which convey stories about how our life cycles are closely related. “LISTEN” is the title of her latest collection and the creative process from which life comes forth is the underlying theme. To bring humans closer to feel and respect life that connects us all is part of her greatest aspiration. She quotes: “Let’s protect what we love”