Predators of the Sea

Rachael Robinson - Predators of the Sea

Predators of the Sea

Rachael Robinson

Predators of the Sea
Rachael Robinson
Artwork Category
Into the Blue
Graphite Pencil
Artwork Size (cm)
43 x 34 cm



Rachael’s graphite drawing “Predators of the Sea” shows the incredible power and beauty of four orca whales travelling to their hunting grounds as a family unit. Rachael says her inspiration came from the Southern Resident Killer Whales of the Eastern Pacific Ocean. The species was listed as endangered in 2005 – originally their population was estimated to be approximately 200 whales but now that number stands at only 85 whales.


Rachael Robinson has been an artist since March 2020 when she accidentally fell into drawing whilst taking care of her 6-week-old baby and going through the first lockdown. Soon after delivery Robinson suffered from post-natal depression and anxiety. Drawing became her escape from the world’s harsh new environment and helped her to be a good mum to her daughter. Before this she was a zookeeper for 6 years and, whilst Rachael lost her identity for a while, she now feels she has a brand new one as an artist!