Pink Fluff

Kim Chase - Pink Fluff - 60 x 60 - Acrylic Glazing

Pink Fluff

Kim Chase

Pink Fluff
Kim Chase
Artwork Category
Earth's Wild Beauty
Acrylic Glazing
Artwork Size (cm)
60 x 60 cm



Kim Chase describes her artwork “Pink Fluff” – “I really loved the colours and the light in this one, my two favourite things. I wanted to be sure to transcribe the softness of feathers and the intense coral colour that these birds have, while showing the brilliance of the reflective sun off the feathers. My connection to nature draws me to various wildlife that stand out and make a statement within their own right. The flamingo is like the divas of our world.”


Kim is a self-taught artist from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada and works in acrylics focusing primarily on figurative, portraits and wildlife. Making a connection to nature through each piece, she interconnects her work to how we all have parallels to our surrounding environment and all that we share our planet with. As an environmentalist and animal activist, her focus on wildlife portrays their beauty, their survival instincts, their ability to nurture family and a docile side even with the most intimidating species.