Yun Gee Bradley

Yun Gee Bradley
Artwork Category
Earth's Wild Beauty
Mulberry Bark & Paper
Artwork Size (cm)
30 x 41 cm



Yun Gee says she is in awe of the colour and detail of eyes and wild animal coats. She says “it reminds me that there is a touch of God in everything.” Describing her process, Yun Gee explains “when I came home, I played with Hanji paper and developed my own technique. I call it “Paper is my brush” because that’s what I do – paint with paper. I use paper and glue and nothing else—no paint or pen, and usually without scissors. Using tweezers, I pull the tiny fibres to shape and tear the paper before gluing it to my project. Even though it takes a long time, I find myself merging with the paper in a beautiful, creative meditation—filling me with peace and wonder”.


Yun Gee Bradley was born in Korea and moved to the US in 1995. She fell in love with Hanji (Korean paper) and works in this medium. When working with Hanji she became intimate with the paper so much that she knows its temperament and it told her which way is best to shape and lay it on. The process of using tweezers to pull each strain of paper to create outlines or shapes little by little and watch it become a composition is so intricate, and Yun Gee feels that she has never felt joy like it.