Not So Black and White


Not So Black and White

Jennifer Krueger

Not So Black and White
Jennifer Krueger
Artwork Category
Earth's Wild Beauty
Watercolour & Ink
Artwork Size (cm)
16 x 24.5 cm



Jennifer Krueger’s artwork “Not So Black and White” depicts the colours that are unseen to our natural eye. Many people think of a zebra as being simply black and white, but perception and reality can be different. This piece shows the beauty of the natural world and how, if we really look closely, we can see that nothing is just black and white, but there is a world of colour to be discovered.


Jennifer Krueger is a mixed media artist who specialises in wildlife paintings. She uses a multitude of mediums and techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art that are truly unique to her style. Jennifer is an intuitive artist and works in whatever mediums and textures she deems necessary for the piece. She strongly believes in connecting the viewer to the soul of the animal and showing them the depth of love and emotional richness all of these species have.