Los Siete Cantos del Zanate

An oil painting on canvas of Great-tailed Grackles

Los Siete Cantos del Zanate

Finn Campbell-Notman

Highly Commended

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Los Siete Cantos del Zanate
Finn Campbell-Notman
Artwork Size (cm)
178cm x 118cm


About the piece:
Finn grew up in England, principally in rural Norfolk and Somerset. Over the years he has lived and worked in Cornwall and London, UK, San Francisco, USA, Brussels, Belgium and since 2004 in Andalusia and Barcelona, Spain. Finn believes that an artist is essentially a lens through which the universe is refracted. Each lens however is unique. The ongoing aim is to make his particular lens as clear, focused, personal and distinctive as it can be. Los Siete Cantos del Zanate depicts seven Great-tailed Grackles / Zanates (Quiscalus mexicanus) ‘skypointing’ on Agave. In Mexico there is a legend that the Zanate has seven songs: In the creation, the Zanate having no voice stole its seven distinct songs from the wise and knowing sea turtle. The Zanate’s songs are of the seven passions : love, hate, fear, courage, joy, sadness, and anger of life.

At least 50% of the proceeds from this sale will support the charitable work of David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) and our ground-based conservation partners across Africa and Asia.