Hummingbird IX

Emily Kirby - Hummingbird IX - 22 x 30 - Acrylic on Wood

Hummingbird IX

Emily Kirby

Hummingbird IX
Emily Kirby
Artwork Category
Acrylic on Wood
Artwork Size (cm)
22 x 30 cm



Emily Kirby has lived in many countries around the world including Africa, Europe and New Zealand. She often paints hummingbirds because they remind her of places to which she has a strong connection. She says: “Birds are often the first thing to give me a sense of where I am.”


Emily Kirby’s semi-abstracted figures are often placed within scenes of nature and her paintings are an exploration of colour and form. She uses combinations of layered block colours to form her figures, often sculptural like. Having moved to and lived in different countries, including Zambia, Spain, New Zealand and the UK her works often elicit a distinct sense of place and environment in which her subjects dwell. Kirby’s work exhibits connectedness and sensitive appreciation of places she knows well and frequently returns to in her work. Emily currently lives in Brighton in the UK.