Friend or Foe

Acrylic on ceramic tile by Helen Dowse

Friend or Foe

Helen Dowse

Friend or Foe
Helen Dowse
Mixed Media / Other
Artwork Size (cm)
8cm x 30cm


About The Piece
“Friend or Foe”: ‘I spend a great deal of time trying to persuade snails not to eat the plants in my garden but even I have to acknowledge just how beautiful they are when you really look close. The pattern on the shell and the colours on the body are stunning. Friend or Foe is a homage to these beautiful little creatures… it is back to the sacrificial marigolds and crushed eggs shells!’ Helen lives in Hampshire with her family and finds the county provides much inspiration for her paintings. After obtaining a BA Hons degree from Middlesex University in Graphic Design Helen embarked on a career as a freelance designer and illustrator. In between jobs she began painting animals and birds and, before long, this became her career. Her work has been shortlisted for David Shepherd’s Wildlife Artist of the Year (2016) and also for the Artist and Illustrators Artist of the Year (2019). Her artwork has been widely exhibited and held in private collections in the UK, Norway, America and Australia.

At least 50% of the proceeds from this sale will support the charitable work of David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) and our ground-based conservation partners across Africa and Asia.