Dragonfly of War

Inna Chesniuk - Dragonfly of War

Dragonfly of War

Inna Chesniuk

Dragonfly of War
Inna Chesniuk
Artwork Category
Urban Wildlife
Pastel Pencils, Pan Pastel
Artwork Size (cm)
18 x 24 cm



Inna Chesniuk is a Ukrainian artist who started to draw her piece “Dragonfly of War” the day before Russia invaded Ukraine. Inna wanted to show the contrast of a wildlife creature to routine urban life. Five days later the wall of the elevator was destroyed by a bomb and Inna finished the piece from her imagination. Inna wanted to convey the message that no matter how ugly and destructive war is, life usually goes on.


Inna Chesniuk is an amateur wildlife artist from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Despite having no degree in art, she adores to draw with coloured and pastel pencils. Inna is fond of nature and finds the greatest pleasure in drawing insects and animals in combination or in contrast to real-life routine objects. Currently, her city is under bombardment and a lot of live creatures have been killed, but nevertheless, her aim is to show that life goes on and art is one of the ways you can stay a human, no matter what.