Baby Love (1 available)

Buy this unique embellished Hippo pencil artwork by Gary Hodges in aid of conservation

Baby Love (1 available)

Gary Hodges

Baby Love (1 available)
Gary Hodges
Pencil on Paper with Thousands of New Additional Pencil Strokes
Artwork Size (cm)
51 x 53 cm (framed)

£525 (delivery / postage & packing not included)

Artist Proof 39/50. Embellished image of a mother and baby hippo in the water. This special print has been embellished with Gary spending up to six hours adding thousands of new pencil strokes to make this print quite unique. Framed. Delivery not included.

International deliveries: Please note that in addition to delivery/postage and packing costs, the buyer may also incur import/export costs for international deliveries outside of the UK.

100% of the proceeds from this artwork will support DSWF’s work protecting endangered species across Africa and Asia.