Almost Blue

Almost Blue

Raul Orvieto

Almost Blue
Raul Orvieto
Artwork Category
Into the Blue
Marine Plastic Garbage & Coloured Polyester Resin
Artwork Size (cm)
86 x 14 x 160 cm x 8.6kg



Raul’s piece “Almost Blue” borrows its title from a great song by Elvis Costello, wonderfully performed also by Chet Baker. In its extraordinary beauty the piece provokes a subtle underlying melancholy. With this artwork Raul aims to make people reflect on the serious problem of marine plastic pollution.


Raul Orvieto is an Italian landscape designer, wildlife artist and associate member of the Society of Animal Artists (SAA). He mostly carves freshwater fish and some marine animals out of local wood. At present he works on his fish at a gallery in Camogli. Raul won the 2020 and 2021 American National Fish Carving Guild Championship in Oregon (Freestyle Division) and DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year 2021 ‘Highly Commended’. Some of his latest creations were recently published in Italian sports and outdoor magazines and seen on Italian TV shows.