A Dry White Season

A Dry White Season

Garth Swift

A Dry White Season
Garth Swift
Artwork Size (cm)
67 x 97 cm



Garth Swift was brought up in Zimbabwe before moving to South Africa. His watercolour “A Dry White Season” depicts a group of elephant, led by the matriarch, ambling from the dry Mopani scrub across the dusty pan under a scorching midday sun. “It is October, the hot season, before the rains arrive. The sky is washed out, a light breeze swirls the dust at their feet, and the zebras take a cursory glance in their direction as they pass.”


Garth Swift has been a wildlife artist for over 25 years. Growing up in Zimbabwe gave him access to incredible lifelong experiences interacting with wildlife and this has been expressed in his interest in painting and drawing. Over the years, he has exhibited in art shows, starting with Christie’s Auctions in 1998/1999 and then in the US market. Swift’s goal is to always do the best possible artwork he can and to create awareness of nature’s fragility through our constant intervention.