Brazilian Three Banded Armadillo

Sculpture | 2 × 2.5 × 3 cm


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Limited edition bronze.

This highly detailed bronze miniature of a Brazilian Three Banded Armadillo (means little armoured ones in Spanish) shows the detailed outer casing structure of this fascinating creature. Armadillos are characterized by a leathery armour shell and long, sharp claws for digging. This piece was made using the lost wax method of casting, and during the initial carving process great care was taken by the artist to accurately render and highlight the detailed armour shell that this species is famous for. This is a tactile piece and is designed to be closely examined, held in the hand and passed around. It comes with a tiny wooden stand.

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Hester Odgers

Hester is a biology graduate and conservation worker and self-taught artist living and working on a rewilding farm in Devon. She specializes in intricate miniature sculptures, with a particular fondness for unusual and underappreciated species. She enjoys the tactility of a 3-dimensional piece, and the way it focuses the attention on the details of the animal’s form and character. Wildlife art comes from a place of love for the natural world, and when you love something you protect however you can. It’s a real privilege to be able, through my artwork, to contribute in a small way to the invaluable work DSWF does. Thanks to Hester, 50% of the net profits from the sale of this artwork will support DSWF’s work protecting endangered species across Africa and Asia.