Jos Haigh – ‘Gentle Gerald’ Elephant Framed Original


Medium: Watercolour & Ink Original
Dimensions: 60 x 60cm Framed

Inspired by her childhood colours of Africa, Jos swapped a career in science for the love of art.  If you are familiar with her paintings, you will recognise the explosion of colours in these dazzling watercolours, which capture the distinctive spirit of each animal.  Her passion to be an artist stems from the alarm and fascination she felt at the age of six, seeing an enormous David Shepherd painting above the mantlepiece at a friend’s house of an elephant thundering out towards her.  Ever since she started to paint, Jos continues to capture the wonder of wildlife.

Our sincere thanks to Jos for contributing with 50/50 split in proceeds.  As quoted by Jos:  “Elephants are emotional creatures.  An elephant’s memory is not limited to its herd.  Elephants recognise humans that they once bonded with ever after several decades have passed. I am continually astounded by the love we humans have for the elephant, all types of people come up to me at art shows and express their deep love and wonder for the elephant, many of whom have never seen one in real life.  I wanted to capture this warmth the elephant engenders by giving it back a high five.”

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Dimensions 60 × 60 cm