Rhino 911

Rhino 911 are a rapid response helicopter unit focused on providing lifesaving solutions for on-the-ground response to wounded rhinos in South Africa. Donate here

In just a decade, more than 7,245 African rhinos have been lost to poaching. From 2007-2014, South Africa saw a growth of over 9000% in rhino poaching and it is undisputed that measures must be put in place to reduce poaching levels before the extinction of this iconic species.

Utilising the most advanced search and detection technology, Rhino 911’s dedicated crew of volunteer pilots use helicopter support to transport vets to the scene of rhino poaching incidents and airlift-wounded rhinos to emergency care facilities. As a registered 501(c)(3), Rhino 911 is a non-profit organisation with formal registrations in the United States and South Africa.

DSWF funding goes directly towards the main purpose of business, maintenance and flying costs. Since September 2016, Rhino 911 have successfully had 95 missions, 57 rhino interactions and rescued 5 rhino carves. Together we can protect these sentient beings.